How to build a wave spring? Sinusoidal wave around a Cylinder. Thank you

Any help is welcome.

Thank you.

Hi @ludwig_19_91,

there are several ways. To make the circular sine wave manually, you could unroll an open cylinder using _CreateUVCrv, draw the sine wave curve flat on it, then “uproll” it again using _ApplyCrv.

A simpler way is to create a Python script for it or use Grasshopper. Below you find both: (856 Bytes) (6.5 KB)


Hi c.

First, thank you. Still learning. I have the cylinder and the waves but I can’t roll the waves around the cylinder. I tried some commands but none worked.

Sine Wave Cylinder.3dm (41.1 KB)

It worked now.
I love Rhino!

Thank you c.!