Washer spring

Hi Rhino users.

I wonder if it is possible to roll a sine wave or create a washer spring in Rhino.

Hello - this kind of thing?




Hello - try this -

Make a circle, Deformable option, with the point count divisible by four ( for four waves, adjust to taste)
Move the curve control points up in quadrants
Scale2d a copy outward or inward, and Loft between the two circles. It mat be handy to use History so you can easily adjust.
If you need more precision than that - i.e. some actual sine wave shape, then there may be more hoops to jump through.

SpringWasher.3dm (48.6 KB)


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Thank you very much. I didn’t understand completely. What I’m trying to make is one valley and one ridge around a circle. Is it possible?

Hello - yep, it should be possible - see if the attached is it.

SpringWasher2.3dm (108.5 KB)


Yes, it’s.

Thank you!!!