How to bake lighter box

currently, I am working on the brick wall design, though

the bricks are too many.

when I bake the brick boxes, they are baked as polysurface.
the prob. is they are too many, so it is quite slow in render view or shade mode.

my solution is use “mesh” command to convert the polysurface boxes to mesh. and join together.
I wonder it is possible to bake them as a joined mesh???

I would do it as a mesh from beginning and then just join them together in a flattened list.

I agree with @Baris. Working with mesh boxes, as bricks, from the get-go should be much more efficient for this many instances. I wouldn’t combine the individual bricks though. It doesn’t make much sense, since you’re doing a model of a brick wall with individual modules, and geometrically speaking, combining doesn’t make a lighter, more efficient mesh.
If you want to have the bricks in a collection, simply group them in Rhino or keep them on a separate layer.

Hi Rsbin
You can also try the Transform_RhinoObject component in the Bubalus_GH plugin to move the block.
like this:

Plugin link:

Wow, neat plugin @603419608! Could you explain why this is seems so efficient? I mean there must be a couple of thousand seats in the arena?