Tried Paneling tools File is huge and just trying to get bricks grouped together,

I am beyond frustrated, I’m trying to model brick on a building and have different patches of different types of brick and I’ve coded it by color. so they’ll be in different spots. and i can do it manually, by copying and pasting the separate brick pieces but the file gets tooooooo huge and i cant do anything. I started using paneling tools to repeat patches of brick, which is working but the file is still HUGE. I really dont know what to do anymore. The problem is not making the brick but Its that the file its so big and I’d like to figure out some way to group these or something!

before this, I tried Boolean union, grouping and mesh (although I’m not sure if I did the mesh right) to see if maybe making it one piece will making the file smaller but it doesn’t. and I really want to avoid texture mapping. Not sure what to do at this point. Please leave tips to be able to have this brick but a small file.I attached a quick photoshop render that shows how I expect this to look in the end with the different patches of brick. I feel like this should be a fairly simple thing to do but I don’t know why its so difficult

Hi. I would try to make the bricks as blocks and this should reduce the size considerably. Also try lightweight geometry types like extrusions or meshes.
I hope this helps.