How to attach clipping planes to box


I am trying to make a clipping box just like Revit has.
So far, I made a command that flexibly change the size of box.
It is the box with 6 gumball arrows attached to each faces.

Now I want to arrange the box to clipping box.
But just attached the clipping plane to each faces, it dose not look well for use.

What really I want to do it look like is, the clipping planes should be invisible only at moving it appears, etc.

I tried a method “HiddenLineDrawingParameters.AddClippingPlane” but I do not understand how it works.

So, if anyone give me any advice about clipping planes, I would really really appreciate!


Hi @f.kato,

Its this just setting up 6 clipping planes?

clipping_box.3dm (185.7 KB)

– Dale

This one has a few options. Coded by (122.9 KB)

Thank you Dale and Rickson!
Your advises are very helpful!
I will study harder!