Clipping box

Is there any way via grasshopper or add on to snap geometry on a clipping plane?
Also has rhino the ability to create clipping boxes or only clipping planes?
And lastly is there a way a clipping plane applied in a specific length and not in whole view?
I am new to rhino.
Thank you

generally you should be able to do that, also grouping should work. i can see that is a bit buggy at least in the mac version.

you can create 6 clipping planes or as many as you want to create a box, just have the orientation show outwards, setting distances from each other should encapsulate a view you might be after.

having a clipping plane only clip a part of a direction is unfortunately not possible, but maybe there is a different work around depending on your case. what are you trying to achieve?

I am trying to see same behavior as clipping box in revit or even better. Also a big problem in revit is to bake a circular section. I think it’s also not possible in rhino correct?

you can always intersect any kind of object such as also a cylinder in that case with a section of your need to gain curves for further drawings.

Also, Make2D works really well with the clipping plane in Rhino. I do all my sections this way.