How to assemble a 3d objects

Hi there,
I would like to assemble the following objects. (see picture). Do I have to move them them around and do this on sight. Or is there a smart way to do this?


I think you have to move them, there aren’t any assembly relationships as in programs like Solidworks.

usually one would design it first and then unrole it for laser cutting. if you have no initial design then no software will help you to assemble something which it has no idea from how it shall look like :slightly_smiling_face:

assembling this in rhino takes you 10 seconds with the snaps activated. just rotate the parts as you want them and use the command move. you can also use Orient3Pt which will let you pick 2 reference point plus a direction then the 2 target points plus a direction. actually you can see all points as a direction just the first one should remain precise.

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Move and rotate should be enough,
when moving use object snaps to make things fit riggt where you want

thanks for all the advice