Assembling Parts In Rhino

Does anyone know an easy way to assemble parts in rhino? Like mating in SolidWorks? I found a software called LEDAS LGS or LDD that used driving dimensions to assemble but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Is there another plugin I can use or another easy way to achieve that?

Hello - in plain Rhino there is no provision for mates, no. It seems at least possibly-possible in Grasshopper however.


Thank you! Is grasshopper part of Rhino6 or do I need to download it?

Hello- Grasshopper is in V6.


Sweet. Thanks for the help!

you have to do it manually but osnaps and aligns will get you a long way. If it’s just a couple parts it might be easier than writing a grasshopper definition.

As Owen says, it’s no big deal to say, move a circle so it’s center is at the end of a line, but there is nothing to keep it there. This is Not a SolidWorks like “Assembly constraint”.
If you need the circle and line to stay mated, then select both and Group them. They will still be separate objects, they will be treated as a single object and move together.

Using native Rhino tools, you can not constrain a series of mechanical parts together and drive the constrained assembly by moving or rotating one part.

That’s what mechanical modelers do.

It’s a huge miss that Rhino does not have mechanical mating like in Solidworks.

Is not Bongo (the plug-in) capable of doing similar functionality?