Array objects

i try to make some seams for a chair and the first time i did array an object roadlike evrything looks fine but now it don,t work any more please help -:slight_smile:
greetings Peter

Hi Peter - please post the inputs to the array, I’ll take a look.


array.3dm (40.8 KB)
hi pascal tanks for your response i hope you find a way out as you can see it was working correct

greetings peter

Hi Peter - ArrayCrv command, right? I’ll take a look - meantime -

may help.


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hi pascal its the array Crv command
gr peter

hmmm i think i am going to learn some new things here -:slight_smile:

Hi pascal have you found a solution for my problem??
greetings peter

Hi Peter- I’d use the method outlined in the video, I think, for efficiency, but for ArrayCrv, see the attached setup - it arrays as you are expecting, I think, with Roadlike > Top. The object to be arrayed is placed in the end of the path curve with its axis tangent to the path curve and the center on the end of the path.

array_pg.3dm (82.5 KB)


thanks Pascal it works!! i will show the results after modelling the chair-:slight_smile:
greetings Peter

thanks again pascal i just start with this video and yes great results

thanks Pascal for your replys the nexst question is i can do it now on your way and save alot of time-:slight_smile:
but there is 1 question left as you can see in the corners of the pillow you see that the seems are longer
how can i fix that?? or avoid it

You can try to remove a knot (RemoveKnot) in the curve. Repeat as necessary but remove one at the time.

Hi @peter1 - that may be the seam point on the curve- if so, I’m not sure what to do other than cut a little piece out of the curve there. If it is not the end point then the curve is probably a polycurve, and you can tune up the spacing using LinetypeDisplay > PatternBySegment=No