Array on Surface

Friends of the sun,

I am trying to array an object on a surface / on a group of surfaces.
Now this is the surface:

And I am trying to array this object:

When doing so, Rhino will only let me choose to array it along one of the surfaces. Is there a way to array it along the entire group? I know such option exists in Alias, but havent found it in Rhino so far.

Software: Rhino 7
Function: Array on Surface

Thanks a lot!

Have you tried joining all your surfaces into one?

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Hi @AlW, the surfaces have been joined into one closed object.

Hi @a.konten
ArraySrf doesn’t support polysurfaces. Alternative options could be either making a single surface on which to array or perhaps take a look at Paneling Tools for Rhino. Alternative - if you don’t need this as geometry - could be a texture or displacement map.
HTH, Jakob

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Without your further details…Command’s

_ExtractIsocurve (dark line)

_Join (New Crv from IsoCrv’s)

_Copy (New Crv to boundary left and right, red Crv’s)

_CreaseSplitting (Option _Disable)

_Loft (between R + L Crv, red red)

New, you have a one reference surface for _FlowAlongSrf, but flowed objects at kinks it will definitely strong deform

_CreaseSplitting (Option _Enable to revert back in previous state)

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Hi guys,

I haven’t found a way to do this yet. But on the same model I am now facing a very similar problem again.
Maybe this example makes it clearer. The picture shows the handle bar of an electric scooter I am currently working on. Now, the grips will need a 3D structure on them to ensure a good grip.

They could be dots or stripes or so. But I cannot make them go all over the entire object, only on a single surface.
I have tried @eddi s tip here an rebuild the surface, but still no success. Is it only possible in Grasshopper to build such a structure?

Regards, Jürgen

_DupEdge (similar to attached fileAroSrf.3dm (11.8 KB) )

_Join (New EdgeCrv )

_CreaseSplitting (Option _Disable)

_Loft (Crv, NOT extrude)

New, you have a one surface for Array, and not a polysurface

_CreaseSplitting (Option _Enable to revert back in previous state)


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Thanks a lot @eddi ! I have achieved it with a combination of your lofting technique and the FlowAlongSurface command. Really useful. I still could create the pattern on the entire surface, since the small one behaves slightly different to the main surface. But its a start. Thanks again.

Instead command _Loft You can still connect profiles with two guide curves and use _Sweep2

and _ArraySrf or _FlowAlongSurface


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