Array/bend allong curve

Hej Guys,

Is there a command to array objects allong a curve but without the crossing in the corners. So I need the objects to still have space between them and kind of bend/warp in the corners.

Hope you know what I mean :expressionless:

Hi @wouter1

That would require you to use a larger rounding on your center curve. If you offset you center curve to the edge of your line at the end, I think you’ll see, that due to the offset, it too will double back on itself. So either make the rounding larger or - as an alternative - use flowalongsrf instead, and create a target surface with the roundings adjusted to your geometry.

HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for the quick respons. I’m aware that the rounding should be bigger. However… the client requests this exact line. But it’s not importent for them that the arrayobjects get squeezed, bent, scaled or whatever.

I will try the flow allong surface. maybe this will do the trick