How to adjust tree crown width and height for a forest?

I am trying to create a forest with the normal forest command. I just want conceptual trees, not the detailed ones.
My first problem is that I can’t change the crown width to be more narrow (like max 10 metres) without the height of the tree also lowering substantially. The ratios are tied to each other. This is a problem because in a forest environment the trees usually don’t get so wide, so the ratio between height and width is different than if you look at a single tree in the open land. Is there something that can be done about this to break the ratio?

If I have to create my own conceptual tree for solving that problem, I have the problem that I can’t seem to find the editor/creator for new trees. Where is it located?

Hi Eliash,
Proportions, as well as maximum height, are defined in the Species properties. Species are listed in the Lands Edit panel when nothing is selected in the document. You can also access the species of the selected plant by using the “Plant > Edit species” context menu option:

You must uncheck the “Automatic” proportions in order to enter a specific value. The value is expressed as height units per width unit:

Automatic proportions are taken from the realistic file assigned.

Hi Albert, thanks for your response. This is a solution for the problem I had. I wish I could have found it before I made my forests because now I have to redo them with these new proportions.
I must say though, the setting to uncheck automatic proportions seem unnecessarily complicated. Why not given the option to do it when you use the _laPlant command? If I understand you correctly, I first have to “plant” the tree with its locked proportions from the realistic file, and then edit it using the _laSpeciesEditPlants. That could be more time efficient by selecting proportions when you plant it.

Okay, I have some more questions after testing the “uncheck automatic proprtions”-function.

Here I adjusted the setting of one tree to 2m height/crown diameter.

And here is the information about that tree. I set the tree’s crown diameter to 1m, so the tree height should be 2m. (2x1m). But it says it is 1,11m. How come?

Secondly, your suggestion helps creating more narrow trees of the same tree species, but for a realistic forest you must also include an option to remove the lower branches of the trees (that do not get sunlight and dies off). If I want to create a pillar hall forest I cannot use these models with branches There does not seem to be such an option today, so instead I think one would have to create new trees.

Mmm… I’m afraid the Height/Diameter ratio is not applied to Realistic plants. It works for Conceptual and Detailed plant 3D display, as well as for Elevations.
Realistic plants are hard to scale non-uniformly in a realistic way. And in some cases, like rendering with Flamingo nXt, this scaling is just impossible. You should edit the plant definition file (.ArPlantX or .ArTree) to get the desired proportions.

We plan to add some pruning options in order to make easier to remove lower branches and to get less wilder plants, if desired. I’ll add your vote to the feature in the wish list.

Well, the point is that all plants belonging to the same species will have the same proportions. So they are edited from the Species properties tab. I think you would like to set different proportions at a plant level. We can consider it.