Creating New Plant Cultivars

Hi. I’m attempting to create a cultivar of an existing tree in the database. Though many of the new plant’s characteristics are shared, its form and structure are different–namely its maximum height (8’) and maximum width (4’). I have tried manipulating the entry criteria match these proportions, however the tree always renders at a specific ratio, roughly 1:1 vs. the 2:1 ratio of 8’/4’ and no matter what I do, i can’t seem to change it to the dimensions I want. Is there a way to change the form/structure of the tree? I don’t see this covered in any of the supporting guides. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, there are two points to consider:

  1. Once inserted in the document, the changes in the Plant Database won’t affect the inserted species. You must edit them on the Lands Edit Panel.

  1. When the selected Plant 3D display is Realistic (nXt plants instead of blocks), the proportions field is ignored, taking the proportions from the nXt plant definition. So, right now the only way to modify it is to edit the ArPlantX file or to select a different Plant 3D display.

Thanks Albert, this is helpful. Because I’m using many specific cultivars that often differ from straight species or current database entries, this is an important
piece of information.

Is there a way to render in 3D, using my own self-designated plant dimensions, in modes other than “Plant 3D display is Realistic”?


You can render using the Detailed display, as well as the Conceptual one, but you won’t benefit of realistic textured plants.
Though, are you just modifying plant dimensions or you are going to use your custom blocks for 3D rendering? If you have your own blocks, then you just need to assign them to the species:


Thanks again Albert!