Ways to Optimize Huge File Containing Forests

Is there a way for lands design to treat forests as one object instead of a group of objects? I’m trying to optimize my file down to at most 50 MB and I’ve already tried the SaveSmall Command so I’m wondering if there’s a way to reduce the number of objects the program is trying to read at once. I am unable to post my file as a reference.

There are a number of ways to do this:
_Reduce polycount in your trees(randomly cull objects)
_convert your objects into mesh(if they are trimmed planes)
_take forest to a separate file(and link into you main file) that ways it’s only read while rendering.As is seen as reduced mesh.

Hope this helps,
Mr. A

Except Mr.A’s method.
You can also make the tree block first, and then arrange the tree in the landscape design scene.Because copying the same block does not occupy the memory size.
You can try the lands-design plugin and the BubalusGh plugin.
lands-design: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/lands-design
BubalusGh: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/bubalusgh

I already have lands design… I came here looking for another way for the plugin itself to define these forests as not just groups of tree objects but as one object whole so that rhino doesn’t need to focus on rendering every object.

Hi Ccli,
Forests in Lands are, in fact, a single Rhino object containing several Block Instances. Since they are a single object (from the Rhino’s viewpoint), they are drawn faster than the same number of separated plants. And since they use Block Instances, they don’t increase the file size. The only disvantage of Forests, in terms of performance, is the update time. To draw them faster Lands has some graphic cache, and it must be updated each time the forest is modified (number of trees, distance, control points). The bigger is the Lands object the longer is that time. And Forests can be really big (in terms of geometry to draw in RAM, not so in 3dm file).

If your problem is file size, you should purge all unused blocks before saving it. Take in mind that each time you change the plant 3d display mode (from realistic to conceptual, for example) or each time you change the document season, new blocks can be added to the 3dm.