How to Add floor on multiple levels - Inside revit

since i started using rhino i can’t seem to add floors on multiple levels i created. The addfloor command works only on one level. can you help me please?

Thank you.

Hi Chris, The Add Floor Component is looking for planar curves branched per elevation. In this instance you can graft the input to the Add Floor Component.

Hi Japhy, thank you for your answer. curves are planar since i used the rhino rectancle component to do it. how to branch them? because i thought they was branched. i saw that in a tutorial and it’s worked there but when i try to do same it doesn’t work. can you chek my pic and tell me how branch the curves on level, or send me one sample to reproduce please?

Right click on Crv and Graft.

There are some issues with your definition above. You are creating levels from a single number and the levels are being feed into the plane of your rectangle.

See below for a definition that creates a point to generate levels and rectangles before both being feed into the Add Floors Component. (12.2 KB)

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Hello Japhy, it works. thank you very much. :smiley:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: