Create Revit floors using different Floor types

Hi Everybody, I have a question to the Revit floor creation in Grasshopper:
I use the “Add Floor” Component. As input I have a list of 8 outline curves and a list of 8 levels, when I us one floor type as input everything works fine.
But I would like to create these 8 floors with 8 different floor types. So I have a list input with 8 different floor types. But this doesn’t work with this component.
Does anybody have an idea how to do this?
Thank you in advance.

You will need to match your lists, 8 items each, grafted.

It works. Thank you very much.

I have another question to these floors.
It works perfectly as long as the floors have no openings.
I would like to transfer Rhino floors with openings to Revit. Is there a solution for this?
Thank you in advance.

How are you creating the floors?

If the curves are planar & branched, the openings are created.

Thank you for your answer. I create the floors like this. It works well for floors (solids) without opening. But if one of these solids in rhino have an opening I get this error message: