How to activate source light for rhinoceros lights?

Hello everyone, I was creating some lights (all types) and when I rendered it the source of the lights didn’t appear at all, only the light path and target.

Anyone know what is happening?

Hi Leomardo - in the Rhino renderer, that is ‘how it is’. You need to add an object with emissive material to fake the light source, or just use the object/material as the light source:


Why would you want the lights to show?

Hello - Rendering a lamp or car headlights or an interior at night, etc. is common.


is there a way to extract the geometry of the light so I can dup it and apply the emissive material??

Hi Leonardo - in the case of a RectangularLight, you can make a plane (3Pt) or a mesh (3DFace) snapping to Point osnaps at the corners. Spotlights would be harder - are point sources with no dimensions really - I guess I would place a sphere at the apex of the light cone.


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