How not to touch a moving object on a surface

Hello, i have a problem. I should make sure that the back wheels never touch the floor. I have tried with curveclosest point, brepclosest point and surfaceclosest point without success. I’m sure I’ve got a lot of things wrong, can you help me please? Thanks

prova.3dm (169.3 KB) (11.6 KB)

I’m not sure I understand what you want? This model moves the back wheels to the rear axle but the front wheels don’t touch the surface? (11.1 KB)

Do you want to lower the front axel and wheels to the surface? Or raise the rear axel and wheels to match the bottom of the front wheels?

This got a bit messy determining the difference in radius between front and rear wheels so the rear axel (“pin”) and wheels could be raised to match the front. Those values would be known if the wheels were created in Grasshopper. Unfortunately, the “body” has a hole through it at the original rear pin location. (22.2 KB)

Instead of jumping through hoops to cope with these issues, it’s far better to construct the model correctly in the first place.

I’m sorry I didn’t express myself well. I should have the rear wheels rotate with a number slider, but they should never go under the surface. The rotation must take place around the pin as in the video. Sorry again

So you want the car body to tip up and down and rock side-to-side in the rear? :man_facepalming:

You are on your own now. Good luck.

Something like this?
Looks a bumpy ride
It uses the Convex hull component from @dale’s RhinoPolyhedra
prova (1).gh (25.9 KB)


Nice work! This thread title should include the phrase “clown car” to make the intent more clear.

Yes it is. Thank you so much