Assembly Move Problem

Hi all,

I have to simulate these platform system (hinged together) moving (sliding on the floor) from Position 1 to Position 2 by using SLIDER. The front part should automatically change its position by crossing the hump on the floor based on the bottom geometrical form (always tangency with the barrier).

Can you help me?

Thank you…

Platform_Assembly.3dm (498.1 KB)

Is this a Grasshopper or a Rhino question?

OOppsss… Sorry in Grasshopper… :slight_smile:

Just asking because you didn’t include a *.gh file.

Yes… I couldn’t manage any gh file…

@DanielPiker you got anything in Kangaroo ready to go for something like this.

Hi, sorry I didn’t see this earlier.
I think the collision prevention is best tackled in 2d, since there is no movement in the other axis.
The curved part needs to be divided into straight segments, since currently the 2d collision is only between polylines. We keep the lower polyline fixed, then we can move the hinge point along a horizontal line with a slider to drive the movement:
slidecollide (22.0 KB)

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Thank you for your kind effort Daniel… This is exactly what I was looking for… :slight_smile: