How much RAM can I spare for undos?

Hello there,
I would like to ramp up the amount of undos I have in Rhino 7.
Currently I am running Rhino 7 on a 32GB RAM Laptop, the default storage in the the general settings is set to 1024 MB. How much can I ramp up this number in order to have no issues while working.
I usually dont exceed 3-4 GB of file sizes.
Is there a general answer to this or is it try and error?

Thanks in advance - Sebastian

Hi Sebastian - Iā€™d say up to 10% of RAM might be OK. What problems do you run into, are you editing massive meshes, or something like that, where one change can eat up a lot of Undo?


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Alright i will try that, that would be a 300% increase of undos if my simple understanding is right.
I only touched the border of undos when I wanted to go way back, and after 30-40 it stopped. Which is already alot, but the more the better I would say :slight_smile:
I will provide feedback once I tried the 10% for a while.

  • Sebastian

I often run two instances of Rhino and copy/paste some of the objects that I might want to bring back later. Creating a separate layer to copy your objects before you start chopping them up helps also. I call this my spare parts layer.

Hi Sebastian-

Keep in mind : UndoMultiple.