History deleted!?

Is there a certain shortcut to purge all history states? Can’t get back to the last version

Rhino Options > General:

AHHH thanks @wim thought I cranked it up to 100 some day in the past! So if 256MB is exceeded, it’s only one undo, right?!

No, it’s as much as 256 MB will remember. That might be one huge operation or a zillion small ones. The Min number of undos is therefore removed in the next version of Rhino.

Thanks for your clarification @wim — really looking forward!

Hannes (and others) - just to be clear - the upshot is: set the amount of memory used by Undo as high as seems reasonable for your system, leave the ‘Minimum number of Undos’ at 1.


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thanks @pascal for this instruction. highly appreciated!