How make a compound roof using the Mass via rhino.inside.revit?


I need to make a compound roof (or wall) using the Mass via rhino.inside.revit.

I bake a mass in Revit as a surface in the Mass category, but I can’t build a roof from this mass, for example.

Who knows what the mistake is? What am I doing wrong?

One more question: Is it possible to create a compound roof family in Revit via rhino.inside? If so, what components?

You are using a DirectShape element that is categoried as a Mass. So Revit does not see that as a Mass family instance. DirectShapes are great to bring complex geometry into Revit but they are only categorized under the given Revit category and do not adopt the behaviour. See this guide

Use the New Family component to create a Mass family and place the Brep inside the family. Then place an instance of this Mass family where you want:

Run the Grasshopper definition in an empty model and make sure the Masses are visible:

Family as (8.3 KB)


Now Revit knows this is a Mass family and can pick up the surfaces:

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Thanks a lot, Ehsan. A very detailed and comprehensive answer. Indeed, in this configuration, everything works fine.

If it doesn’t bother you, tell me if you can somehow automate the creation of a compound wall?

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Let me look into the API. Would you mind giving me a bit of info on how and where you’d use compound walls? Just so I know which APIs I should look for

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I’ll show you with an example. There are many separate fragments of a curved surface. Some of them are trimmed surface (not in the example). It is necessary to create a closed polysurface while maintaining the structure (multilayer). (55.2 KB)

It takes a long time to build a wall on each surface.

Maybe this is the wrong way.

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Hi Ehsan. Maybe you have some ideas on how to solve this problem?

Okay try this. I have added two python components to query the necessary face references and then create "FaceWall"s from those references. I also had to manually add the “Generic” template to the family maker to make sure it is making generic families (so many 'make’s :sweat_smile:). and oh btw the source subd is a very small object just to get it working faster

Walls From Face Of New (17.7 KB)

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Hello! Thanks for the solution. I’m trying to figure out why it doesn’t work for me, but I’m not good at Python. What am I doing wrong? I scaled the form, changed the wall type, but…

What’s the error on the python component?

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It worked! Thank you so much! I messed up with the template address.

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can you re upload the grasshopper script i am having issues as well