How keep Rhino/GH mesh colour in Revit preview?

@kike we now implemented Revit preview for SAM objects.
How to keep mesh colour in Revit preview?

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You can use same trick as here.

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yes, but in your link, you presented how to colour Revit elements and this we have already covered…
we want to colour mesh preview…

Since you implemented conversion from SAM.Panel to mesh you can connect your panel output to the ‘Mesh Colour’ component freely.

hmm it is still red

This only works on shaded modes.

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perfect - solved
I was missing Shaded

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ps. but maybe you can add to your task list … to read colour directly from mesh properties… as we already have this information… at the moment will have to split Panel by Types and colour them again

A nice side effect of implementing those casts is that now your type can interact with other Grasshopper components without any extra effort from your side.

A casting to ‘Plane’ may be nice too. :wink:


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