How is it possible to create 2d pattern like this?

Good day all!
I want to create a pattern like this.

Do you have any ideas about how to do it?
Please help me. Thank you.

Hello grasshopper users, do you have an idea how to work with it? I am struggling with this few days but can’t crease similar-looking geometry. Could you please advise me on how to better work with it?
I can pay you 40$ via PayPal if you can help me.
Thank you in advance/

Just map curves that you manually draw from some picture.
Then do mapping.
You can do this with standard compoments, or using NGon (13.7 KB)

There’s no need for any plugin to do this - Sporph is a native Grasshopper component which will map any geometry from one surface to another: (16.7 KB)

Thank you all for these tips, but what I want to do, is I want to populate points on the surface (facade) then I want to divide this list into the many lists of points. Then I want to connect lines with interpolate curve. The first problem was, random points in one group connecting with each other by random choosing point, that’s why I got the very random and not beautiful pattern. Then I using closest point connected the list of points by the closest parameter. I think it’s fine, but when I am creating a pipe some of curves stays curves. Also I have some lines in the brep. and finally when I want to have the facade to be like the photo I’ve attachet in the first image, there are some problems with geometry.
Can someone check it, please?
send to (39.0 KB)

those random shapes remind me of this (probably without NUscaling)

edit: oh wait, it was you @Shakruk :slight_smile: lol

Hi, yes. I remember dark_memories script. :smiley:

Have a try with the attached def. After adjusting some parameters, press Data Dam.
And you’ll need clipper plugin… (22.0 KB)


Thank you HS_Kim you are the best of the best! Thank you very much. God bless you.

“And the winner is”:…Hs Kim!

Nice Definition, Congratulations!.
( not easy to build, think i).
How much time asked you?.

$40 is hardly enough payment for nice custom work like that but I hope you collect from @Shakruk.

Remined me also of this
it could be done same method , but taking into considration all edges to match when it is rotated

Send here your PayPal credentials, I will pay you and I think someone who will use that script will donate you some money also.

Hi to all, does anyone have an idea about this MUCEM Pattern pattern??

Thank you all