How does one recover a corrupted file on the Mac side...?

As there’s no autosave… This was sent to me by a client whose files are on a server… Rhino crashed and now she is no longer able to open her file.



I saw one of these go by recently and a user sent me a file. The bugtrack item is private, but I did put it on @dalelear’s list. I saw something very similar. It’s concerning.

@Helvetosaur I’m still trying to get a handle on these reports. Obviously, because these files are so corrupted, we can’t tell which version of Rhino wrote them. This has been the second report that includes the detail that this was on a network drive. (Since Versions does not work on some network configurations - and the user is warned - not being able to roll-back versions of the file is not working, as expected).

That said, this is very concerning. Can your client provide any information about their network configuration? Were they using Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.3?

It was a school network… I don’t have the info yet but I will try to find out. It is most likely not the latest version of Mac Rhino - as they don’t update the school computers regularly. Probably whatever version was current in January or February. I do have the file though if that’s useful - I couldn’t read or rescue it here - the last two screenshots I posted were from my Windows Rhino.

Yes, please if that is not too much trouble.

That is what I suspected. I guess I wanted to rule out a recent regression in Rhino 6 for Mac code and - thought not conclusive - I suspect we can in this particular case. I doubt they are running a RhinoBETA in a school lab.

I don’t think we need to see the file, given your screenshot above.

Thanks Mitch.