How do you remove the thin border around images?

This really thin yet annoying boarder appears whenever I insert an image by itself. It’s especially noticeable on transparent PNGs.

I assume you’re asking about the Picture command in Rhino V7?
I’m not getting a thick border here in V7.
Are you using a modified working display mode?

Hello- can you post the image that you used?


Hi Max -

Thanks for reporting - we have this issue on our list as RH-53296 and I have added this thread in a comment.

From the comments by the developer, this is somewhat fixed in a test but it won’t work on all systems and will slow things down. When (or, if) this issue gets resolved, this thread will be notified.

Yes I’m using the picture command in V7. I’m not using a modified display mode.

This is the image in the example. This also happened with some other images I tried.

Hello- thanks, I do not see the border at any zoom level here - I suppose, since it is openGL related, that it may be dependent on the GPU - can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here? Ah… it’s on Mac, I missed that - I’ll try on Mac.