How do we make Categories the default view?

I’ve seen some styling going on, but is there a way to make the category view the default in any of this?

is this what you are looking for?

I find that when I’m reading a topic, when I scroll to the bottom, a list of other topics are available for me to click. I rarely go back to the main topic list, nor to the category list anymore.

@Stevebaer, Yes, Thank You!

But you are a support person @brian and read everything. I on the other hand am very selective about what I read and rarely use the suggested topics.

As an example:

  • Don’t use Safari nor record history in Firefox so not interested.
  • Only rarely head to developer forum when actually have a development question. Being able to search this forum will be very handy for this.
  • Never use STEP
  • No mac interest
  • Never do rendering

So you can see that the suggested topics aren’t particularly useful in this case. Just an example though.

I generally go straight to the Rhino for Windows category and try to catch up with the interesting (to me) topics. Plus some perusal of the Meta category.