How do I uninstall Nvidia iRay?

Every time I launch V5 I get this:

I deleted the folder: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Iray for Rhino 64-Bit

but I cannot delete the folder “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Iray License Manager” I get this error:

There’s no uninstallers anywhere.

Any ideas?



I just did a google search “How do I uninstall Nvidia iRay?” Your answer seems to be there.

aaaah! I never thought this was more than just a plugin and I needed to uninstall a program in Windows. That’s why I just deleted the plugin and hope it would all go away. I shoudl have search in Google instead of here. I can believe how much bloatware they make for such a lousy renderer.

@Trav, @stevebaer, this is another case where the new plugin manager shoudl take care of things.



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@gustojunk we are definitely working to try to make managing plug-in packages better and easier for both developers and users to avoid stuff like this.