Youtube Channel for Iray for Rhino Plugin


Please take a look at the Youtube Channel for Iray for Rhino. It features videos about how to do certain tasks in Iray for Rhino and explains the workflows.

Feel free to write comments and ask questions!

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Hi Rudiger,

I m an Iray for Rhino customer. First I cannot create my forum account on teh Nvidia forum page. For some unknown reason it systematically tells me my password is incorrect whenever I try to register my name even though I have at least 8 characters and numbers included in my password. Is this a known issue ?

Then I have a license problem as it won t recognize my .lic I downloaded after installing the Nvidia License manager. i did contact customer services but still awaiting for any life sign from them.

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Alexandre Galin


Hi Alexandre,

from time to time we have users that tell us and so far we haven’t been able to reproduce the registration behavior in the NVIDIA Arc forum page. Have you tried with another browser? Did you answer the “magic question” to proof you are human correctly?

Regarding the Iray for Rhino license:

If you have problems installing the .lic file, there are some things to take care of:

  • If you bought a floating license, you need to install a FlexNet license Server and install the license there which is a different process
  • Did you install the license on the same machine where you requested the license? As you know the license is bound to the MAC address, so trying to install the license on a different machine will result in an error.

Which customer support address did you use?

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Hi Rudiger,

Thanks for your input. I tried different browsers and none work, the captcha works fine and i can confirm I m not a robot.
As for the license I have the Iray license manager downloaded, my MAC is recognized and I managed to get the .lic license file. However it won t work. Anywho I managed to get in touch with an NVidia customer care and hope to find a solution to my issue. It s really a shame for the forum … but that s the way she goes…

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I’ve watched several of the Iray for Rhino demos on YouTube - looks very impressive.

One question regarding hardware: what is used on the majority of these demos? If I understand correctly, Iray is very dependent on your GPU so I’d like to know what hardware would be required to achieve the near instantaneous updates that can be seen. That level of performance would make rendering so much easier however I suspect that you need very deep pockets to achieve it.


Well I tried out the demo and will probably buy it soon. It’s not “very” dependent on your GPU, it’s completely dependent on it. I have two nvidia 970s, and I would call that level the minimum requirement to really have “fun” with it. And actually having more than 1 gpu is probably good regardless of speed, so that at least one can render without having to also handle the desktop. You can recruit your CPU too but on my overclocked i7 system the added overhead meant the benefit was zero or actually negative.


Thanks for your insight, Jim. I thought some pretty exotic hardware would be required, although two 970s isn’t totally out of the realms of possibility (I feared multiple high end Quadro cards were needed).

I haven’t downloaded the demo yet as I doubted if my lowly K1200 would be up to the job, I guess I was right although I might still give it a go when I have some time.


Hi Alexandre,

regarding the Iray for Rhino licensing I sent you a PM. Please respond,

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