What If I want to unistall Iris

I will like to uninstall iris from rhino 5 on windows 10. How should I procede?
I’ve try using the control panel but its not available as an uninstall program. And in the plug-in list under Rhino Options I can’t find the plug in. Any idea on how to uninstall it

thank you

I found the plug in my list under Rhino Options The problem was that the plug in was expired so it wont appear in the list I think. Once I’ve updated the plug in ti suddenly appear and now I’m able to uninstall it

thank you

Plug-ins installed through an RHI will not have an ‘uninstaller’. You need to delete it from where Rhino stores your plug-ins. If you look at Tools > Options > Plugins > Iris and click the Properties button, you’ll see where it is installed. This should be in


You should see the Iris folder. Delete this folder.

The development team is working on different solutions for better plugin management for V6 which will make installing and uninstalling plugins, less painful.