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Hey Everyone!

I am quite new to Rhino. I am having issue uninstalling Thea render plugin. It did not come with a uninstaller and I can’t find it in the program uninstall. I try finding it in the plugins folder, but nothing there. Unless its under a different name… Can anyone help?

Hi Rebecca - what renderer? If you look in OPtions > Plug-ins you can locate it, right click and choose Properties - there you will be able to see the location of the rhp (plug-in) file. You can remove it from there as one way to uninstall.


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Thanks a lot pascal! Found it and got it uninstalled!

I did this but it still shows an error message when starting up rhino saying “failed to load TheaForRhino7”

Hello- see if in

%AppData% > Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-ins

there is a folder for Thea - if so, delete that…?


No there isn’t Thea didn’t work and did not appear in Rhinos options and plugins in program. Deleted the folder manually but still had the same error. Reinstalled Rhino and the message still popped up. Reinstalled Thea and the error message was still there. Did a clean uninstall of Rhino with regedit and tried again. Still the same error message.

Hmmm- have you checked with Thea? I was going to suggest the registry as the next place for surgery, but if you have done that and cannot fibnd anything Thea related… I do not know.


Managed to get it deleted in the end. Odd thing is that on Theas website they say that the requirements are to have Rhino 6.33 or 7.33 and later. Even if I set update settings to service release candidate, the latest version available to me is the 7.13 for some reason.

A bit off topic, but why can’t I get a later version?

Hello - 7.33 does not exist, that is a typo…