How Do I Separate Faces After Using Quad Remesher & SubD?

I imported an Open Mesh OBJ file into Rhino7 WIP. Then I sent it through the Quad Remesher and SubD, where the Open Mesh became an Open SubD.

How do I explode (command doesn’t work) the Open SubD surface so I can select an individual face?

SubD doesn’t work that way.
A select face can be by Ctrl+Shift+LMB

Thank you for the help, I was able to select a face.

Is there a way to explode the surface after? (similar to MestToNURB)

SubD doesn’t work with individual blown faces, it’s pointless. Maybe you should start by learning the technology to work with SubD.

If you want to explode up SubD, the _ToNurbs command, after the Explode

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You can select subD faces, call _extractsurface, and this will separate those faces from the subD object.

But this will not look the same as the results from exploding a NURBs polysurface. The outer edges of the SubD will deform and smooth. This is what SubD does. It’s the nature of this type of object.

If you want to truly explode a SubD, you can convert it using _ToNurbs and then explode, but they you’ll have an exploded polysurface, not SubD.

Or you could use _extractcontrolpolygon on SubD, which would create a mesh. Then explode the mesh, then convert it back to SubD using _toSubD. But, as I mentioned above, the faces will deform and you’ll get a constellation of oval-shaped single subD faces.

Some kind of splitting would still be helpful with subds, and can be useful for certain tasks. The best way to break up a subd into two pieces is, as mentioned, extract enough faces so that the subd is disjoint. then join the extracted bit back to the side it is wanted from. Although, creasing along that edge would sort of achieve the same thing.