Is there an easy way to get a surface out of an OBJ?

When using an OBJ of a geometrical object (Like a square for example) is there a way to get each face separate? Trying to explode gives an error that 1 mesh could not be exploded into multiple parts. It also seems impossible to perfectly split the mesh using a plane, it always has some microscopic part of the other faces attached.

Using Rhino definitions, meshes do not have NURBS “Surfaces”, so no.
Individual tiny mesh facets, but they are super tiny.

You would need to reverse engineer the mesh and replace it with a NURBS polysurface. Then you would have Surfaces to work with.

That’s what I figured, but its good to have confirmation. Thanks!

Hi @meir_bezner, _Explode will happen on the unwelded mesh edges only. You might try _Unweld with an angle of 0 and then explode to get all mesh faces as seperate meshes.