How do I reopen Sidebar?

is resetting the toolbar the only way to get my sidebar back?

Click toolbar menu icon (gearwheel on the right side of toolbar groups), or right-click empty space below or on the right side of toolbar groups. Small menu (shown in the following screenshot) will appear. Click Show Toolbar in the menu. A pulldown menu will appear. Click Main1 in the pulldown menu. Main1 is the name of standard sidebar toolbar.

If you pull the Main1 toolbar to the left edge of the Rhino window, it will became standard sidebar.

Hi Guido - that is set in Options > Toolbars > Size and Styles page:


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Thanks Pascal

Why do my Main 1 and Main 2 toolbars insist on showing the side tab when docking them in their usual place on the left edge of the window? In V5 this was not the behavior.

Hello - open just plain Main, not the separate ones.


Thanks Pascal,

I figured that out but am still seeing the tab on the left taking up screen space like so.

Ah, OK - I think you need this:


Thanks again Pascal. I had seen that posted earlier by Andrew and tried it with no luck. I tried again just now and I guess I had been impatient because when clicking that little box it took a while before the tab went away on the Toolbar. All is well now!

How can we repair lost left hand toolbar ?
I was working on Clayoo toolbar , I used toolbar reset .It is disappeared now and I can not find the tb file in my system .

I don’t use Clayoo but they may have a separate toolbar file where the sidebar needs to be enabled again. Check Options > Toolbars and select the Clayoo rui file if there to check.

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Thanks for your time. I found it .

This is a PITA. Stumbled in the dark for 15 minutes to figure out what it was called.


This morning’s adventure did not end there…because there’s no toggle command:

Or anything in help:

I knew I could search advanced, but changing the value did nothing:

Finally stumbled onto this thread and see the subtree option to change it.

Please put this in the toolbar context menu: