Toolbar Configuration

Hi. I just downloaded and installed Rhino for Windows and there are no visible toolbars. Shouldn’t there be a default sidebar? I have tried to get into the options but didn’t find anything useful and no existing toolbars to open. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no change. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

First thing to try is the command _ToolbarReset

Thanks Brian

I tried that but there’s no change. The toolbar is there but it’s totally empty


You got the sidebar checked in options> Toolbars> Size and Styles?

You can also try to go too toolbars. Rightmouse On Default and Close witout save. Then the toolbars that are empty should reset when you restart Rhino.

Hi Pantone -Just to be sure- you closed and reopened Rhino after ToolbarReset, right? Please try this: Close Rhino, Right click on the Rhino icon on the desktop or Start menu and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Is that better? If so, then close ans reopen the program normally… any luck?


Hi all

Thanks for the constructive replies. I’ve tried your suggestions and still have an unpopulated toolbar (see screenshot) As a side note, the first time I installed the downloaded file the computer rebooted. On reboot I opened the program it appeared to be in Chinese language. I reinstalled and now it’s in English but no toolbar. I don’t remember if the toolbar was present in the Chinese? language version because I quickly shut it down. Not sure if that’s related. Thanks again for your replies.

@JohnM, any idea here?



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Hi Pantone- can you please check the page that is just above the one in your image- the top level ‘toolbar’ page in Options, and see if, in the top window, there is any file listed as open at all? If not, can you please use the File menu on that same dialog page > Open and navigate to
Do you have that folder at all? If so, is there in RUI file in there? Does it open?
If not, then we need to finish an incomplete installation- did you install from the full installer?