How do I number my 3d model, as well as my packed curves?

I am trying to create a lasercut geometry. While this is going fine, I need some more information on my 3D model, before I am able to assemble the geometry.

This is my 3d model that I am trying to build. And here is my nested geometry.

As you can see, my nested geometry has numbers indicating the different triangles on the model. But I have no way to know which triangle is which, until I transform the numbers onto the 3d model itself. Is there anyway to do this in OpenNest?

Here is my script.

SCALE AND (159.4 KB)

You can apply your text tags to your original surfaces before you start packing, then orient them with the Transform outputs from the OpenNest components.

SCALE AND (160.9 KB)

Note: You didn’t internalize the curve for the Sheets input to the OpenNest component, so I had to supply one.


SCALE AND (164.8 KB)

Thank you so much Kev, that works beautifully!

P.S. By the way, it might be easier to locate the numbered faces of your polysurface if you sort them first. (white group)

SCALE AND (163.4 KB)