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Hallo Everyone,

maybe you can help me.
I’ve added an Icositetrahedron to Grasshopper, extruding parts and adding connectors.
Now I want to nest the connectors numbered. Since the connectors have different angles, I also numbered them differently.
Unfortunately I cannot nest the numbers on the connectors.
I would be very grateful for your help.
Many greetings

Used your geometry to make this simplified example.

Note: when you open this file, it takes some time to nest shapes
3D_Körper mit (240.0 KB)
Geometry is internalised in grasshopper file.


Hi Kevin,
thank you very much for your quick answer!
Unfortunately that doesn’t solve my problem.
I don’t want to count the connectors, I want to nest the previously assigned numbers on the connector on each connector. My problem is the following, there are 120 connectors, each connector has 2 different numbers. When grouping, 240 numbers are then output, when I dissolve the group I then have 360 ​​numbers because the 2-digit numbers are output as 2 numbers.

Maybe there is a simple solution that I just don’t want to come up with.

Thanks very much!!

Hi @inderwies.t

I don’t see anything in your file regarding grouping of connectors and numbers. Your datatrees of numbers and pieces fundamentally don’t match up, since your numbers are defined per-face and your connectors are a flat list with no association. If you manage to handle the data in a way that you have a datatree of text-per-connector (120 branches with 2 items each), the transformation after nesting becomes trivial.

Do you have the data grouped somewhere and I just missed it?

Tried a couple of things to sort out your DataTrees before giving up and just re-writing the whole thing.

I think this gives the results you are looking for.

3D_Körper mit (43.8 KB)

I’ve set up the OpenNest components to run in iterative mode so you will need to toggle the Run inputs to True and let them run at least 1 iteration to get nesting results.


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Nice @kev.r !

Hello Kevin,

Thanks alot!
You helped me a lot!!!
Now I can focus on my other projects again.

Best regards

Assembling the last piece could be tricky

Noticed that the file I posted above was only nesting 1 set of connectors and 2 are needed.

Corrected file here.

3D_Körper mit (47.3 KB)