Openest - text an geometrie


i want to combine a geometrie (profile) with a text tag and then nesting. How do i combine the text tag with the profile curve for nesting?

i tried to generate a surface from both, but the nesting failed…

thx for advice (13.8 KB)

me too

I got this to work by using the polycurve outputs from the BB Waffle component as the geo input to the OpenNest component and positioning the text with the Transform output of the OpenNest component. The OpenNest component is pretty slow at packing these 14 polycurves (~30 seconds on my old computer). (22.1 KB)

Trying to reduce the run time of the OpenNest component. I created 24 sided polygons the same size as the output polycurves from the BB Waffle component and used them as the geo input to the OpenNest component. OpenNest packs these polygons in ~1.5 seconds and I was able to use the Transform output from the OpenNest component to position the geometry and text. Much faster and results look acceptable to me.

If you’re going to be trying to pack a lot of these, you could use fewer sides for these “proxy” polygons. (with 8 sided polygons, this model packs in ~0.4 seconds) (25.7 KB)

Something you might want to look at if you’re planning to use this for printing or laser cutting - the text produces some disconnected surfaces (for example, the part inside the loop of the 6 in this model).


Hey Kevin,

thank you so much!!!

Greets Eike

I highly recommend watching these 3 tutorial videos posted by the creators of OpenNest:

Very informative and not too long (~17 minutes total for all 3). I figured most of this out from looking at the demo files and experimenting but it would have been quicker if I had watched these first. :crazy_face: