How do I make a non rectangular selection of control points

When making a selection of control points, unless you pick them one at a time holding down the shift key, you will get a rectangular selection of points.

Is it possible to make a closed curve (like a circle) a selecting shape.

Have you tried the command _SelCircular?

What Martin advised or Lasso selection, which lets you also select geometries within a more irregular boundary than a circle.

There’s also SelBoundary, next to the SelCircular button

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Thank you all for for pointing me in the correct direction. SelBoundary is the most useful to me, to repeat the selection of irregular shapes of control points.

Thank you!

you may also like
which also remembers selected Grips /Control points. - and what is nice - remembers also the selection if you move beyond initial boundary…
i like a lot _selU _selV _selLastU/V selNextU/V selControlPointRegion
kind regeards -tom


I use SelBrushPoints command.

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