Noob Question - selecting multiple control points in a circle area

I did several searches but I can’t find out how to do something that’s embarrassingly basic. I want to grab a collection of points within a circle as in the center area of a circular mesh. I grab as mush as I can with the marquee but then I’m unable to add additional points using the shift key, or any other modifying key. Perhaps I’ve inadvertently turned something off with my sloppy typing fingers?

Hi James - use SelCircular. Also check out SelBoundary (Uses a curve) and SelBrush/SelBrushPoints.


Thank you!

Well, I thought the problem was solved but what happens now is that the minute I start typing in the command “s” immediately defaults to scale and the text entry box disappears. I also can’t find any of these commands in the built-in help window.

Well… I am sorry - it looks to me like SelCircular is not implemented yet, nor SelBrush, in Rhino for Mac.


nor SelBoundary in 5B148w

Rough ETA to port the majority of missing commands in Rhino Mac?


Probably this is a bit late for the OP, but as a stopgap - what about Lasso?

These selection commands:

  • Lasso
  • SelBoundary
  • SelBox
  • SelBrush
  • SelBrushPoints
  • SelCircular
  • SelVolumePipe
  • SelVolumeSphere

have been added in the latest RhinoWIP (5E140w). Please give it a try.

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