Select points between closed Curves


I want to select the control points between the 2 projected crvs:

SelBoundary will always select all.
It should be able to script or vb.NET.

Is this possible? If so. Where do I start?

hi @jordy1989,

you could pull all controlpoint positions to the surface then trim with the curves and check which control points fall into the trimmed area. Alternatively, extrude both curves in positive and negative surface normal directions, loft or sweep to create inner and outer wall surfaces. To create a volume, the caps can be made with lofts or sweep2 using the borders. Then check the controlpoints for inclusion in the closed volume.



below is a quick example script and scene using the first approach explained above. (2.3 KB)
SelectGripsTest.3dm (129.2 KB)


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This works perfect!! Thank you very much.