How do I loft two curves along a rail?

I’m trying to loft two curves along a rail.

I can loft the two curves ok, but just can’t find how to loft them along a rail.

Could anyone help please?

Any pointers much appreciated.


Try the Sweep 1 rail command

These are the two closed curves, and the rail I’m trying to loft along.

Loft determines it’s own rail.
The Sweeps follow your designated rails.

Thanks John, had tried that before with weird results. Now it has worked fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Sweep1 can give unexpected results is the rail passes a vertical inflection point relative to the CPlane. That and adjusting where you want your seam to go are the only things to watch for.

That makes sense. Think I have perfected it now.

Thanks again.