How do I draw a vertical line?


I’m a couple days new to Rhino and used to Sketch Up & Autocad 2D. I have a really dumb question… how do I draw a straight vertical line? Whenever I try to draw it is stuck planar even with the planar button turned off. Please explain like I am a toddler…

Also, I have a bonus question: If I have an object (i.e. building), that is floating above a surface, is there a quick way (similar to the “Drop GC” extension in Sketch Up) that I can just drop the entire object/group on the surface below?



or check “elevator mode” in the Help docs

second question not sure if you want to flatten the object: -project / -projectToCPlane / -setPT
or just “Align” it with lowest point.

that would be command:

Vertical :slight_smile:

or check -align

By default, Rhino draws on the CPlane in the current viewport.
If you pick your second point in the Front or Right viewport with Ortho on, the line segment will be perpendicular to the Top or Perspective viewport.

You can also force a vertical line by using “Elevator mode”. This is taught in the getting started tutorials.
Star your curve command, then press and hold Ctrl will picking the next point. This will collect the XY of the next point, but not the Z.
Release Ctrl and move your mouse to see the Z value rising perpendicular to the CPlane.

Thank you! Very helpful.

By the second question, I mean that I want to take the houses here and drop them so that the face of the bottom of the house is sitting exactly on top of the aerial image. When I use the Gumball to move them vertically down, it tends to go through the aerial below or hover just above. I want to ensure that it is sitting exactly on top so that I can grab the bottom corners of the building as a snapping point to draw other elements.

Hi Maisie - use the Move command and object snaps - assuming the target object is a planar one. If it is not, then there is more to do… It may be best to post an example file or send to if it is confidential, with a link back here in your comments.


Here is how I have configured my Line icon:

Hold Shift and right-click on the icon, then include the following command on the right side:
! _Line _Vertical

The solution for moving objects vertically is quite similar: