Drawing a line in the space next to an object

Hello Wim,
I may have asked this question before. My drawing is in the right side view and I wanted to draw a vertical line to wire cut my object but when I select single line I get the circle with the slash telling me it is not possible. I have disconnected autoCplanne but Gumball(Cplane) is on, I also turned it off as well) but I can’t draw the line.

The Right viewport by default, has a Construction plane in the World YZ plane.
Draw in the Top or Perspective viewport so your objects sill be in the World XY plane.

Here’s a link to the Getting Started Tutorials to familiarize you with the general conceps in modeling with Rhino.
Click on Rhino for Mac in the ToC:

I know the general concepts but this situation does not exist in R7 and because of many problems with R8 I haven’t used it enough to understand all the changes which there are many.

When I click on your link all the tutorials seem to be for R7. I am using R8. It seems that when in right or front view I can’t rotate a line created in the top view. That seems very impractical for manipulating objects and I repeat that was not the case in R7.

Hi Joe -

It’s clear that the CPlane in your “Right” viewport no longer is set as it is by default. How it’s gotten that way is very hard to know. From the fly-out menu from the viewport title, you can reset the CPlane to the default Right view or use the 4View command to reset all 4 viewports.

If you keep running into this behavior, make sure that the grid is visible in the display mode that you are using and, when that grid all of a sudden disappears in a parallel viewport, immediately try to remember the steps that you just took and/or check the command history to see what commands were run last.

OK, thanks.