Draw line vertically

I really should know this, and I think it worked ‘once upon the time’, but now it just doesn’t. How do I make Rhino understand that I want to draw a line vertically (ortho) when in perspective mode?

// Rolf

Use the ‘vertical’ modifier on the command line.

Pick your first point then type
@0,0,your height
and enter from the command line.


I should have mentioned that I meant drawing with the Mouse.

Was it ever so that one could hit a special key to toggle to enable vertical direction?

// Rolf

Yes, Ctrl key to toggle “elevator mode”. You will need to set your first point then hold Ctrl and click the point again to set the mode. Then draw your line vertical. I find this somewhat clumsy though…



Ah, there it was! Many thx.

// Rolf

:smiley: This is like discovering Rhino once again! Thanks, this was soooooooo much frustrating! Ctrl + origin repeat click just works.