How do I download this program to an external hard drive?

I cannot get this program to load on an external hard drive. I changed both my computer settings and my browser settings and it still installs on the hard drive of my computer. I need it on an external drive so I can use it on multiple computers without taking up space on either of the computers. I know it is a small program but I really don’t want it eating up valuable space.

That’s just not going to work, only really simple tiny programs specifically designed for this can do that. What about your plugins?

Storage space is not valuable, it’s super cheap. A lot of people are generating more project data to be saved every DAY than the program itself takes up.


Hey Jim,

I’m new to using the program so I don’t have any plugins at the moment. The school I transferred to last quarter requires us to use Rhino. I had a ton of programs eating up all the space on my desktops C-drive; it had so much stuff on it that it stopped running adobe creative suites because the scratch disks were full. I bought a laptop so I could wipe my desktop. I was hoping to load all of my architecture programs on an external drive and use that to go between the two computers.

It seems like a small program but it freezes every time I use my laptop to save to a flash drive, I get the spinny wheel of death for about 10 minutes, but it never crashes, it just eats into my working time. I was hoping to load Rhino onto an external hard drive to eliminate the freezing issue, and the storage space issue, but I can’t get it to work. So there is no way to install it on an external portable drive that I can share between the two computers?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I was not expecting that.

You don’t need a new computer just to get more storage space…drives are cheap…