How do I boolean this two pieces in subD

I designed this bottle and created the ring by using sweep with two rails. now I want to make the object integrated. I used join in subD and also boolean in mesh (I turned off filter in subD during the operation) but no joint occurred. Is there any solution without I have to convert the shape to nurbs?

Thank you

You need the same number of segments and coincident vertices if you want to join individual SubD geometry.

Another approach to join the two unselected parts would be with the Bridge command.

Need more help? Post a file with the relevant geometry.

I used bridge and it did work but I couldn’t use the first method. May you explain more vivid?

Thank you

The divisions on your selected SubD need to be at the same place like the divisions on your other object.

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Despite I matched the vertices of the two part the join command didn’t work

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Once again it’s difficult to judge what really is the issue without a file.

Please just drag and drop the file into a post.

bottle.3dm (310.0 KB)

This file is created with a not-so-legal Rhino version. Make sure you have a valid license and a proper Rhino install.


It doesn’t join because the edges aren’t at the same place.


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