Boolean union of subd geometry?

How can I do a subd-boolean operation?

I want to blend the sub-d sphere and the cuboids. Unfortunately, boolean union creates a mesh.


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In Grasshopper there is the ‘Fuse’ component which works on SubD objects.

It works best when the objects being fused have similar face sizes, and they have a reasonably high number of faces.

From left to right -

  • SubD objects input directly
  • All objects subdivided once before Fuse
  • The 2 cuboids subdivided once, and the sphere subdivided twice (so they all have more similar face sizes) (7.8 KB)

Another way is to do the boolean with Breps, then QuadRemesh with SubD output.
This will change the quad layout also away from the joins, but the quads around the join are usually nicer.


Fantastic! Thanks a lot! :pray:t2:

in your file it looks like you’re meshing them first though?