How do FPS walkthrough in a model?

Is there any way to render a model in Rhino and walk through it like an FPS game?

Looking at these 3D FPS games is amazing… The amount of detail that is creeping in these games…

Would be nice to zoom in, lock zoom and then use arrows to travel x,y,z over surfaces…

Next Im going ask if i can use gloves to manipulate things… or edit in 3D… Would be cool, practical? I dont know…

Where is that kind of technology at now Rhino wise?

Hi @xavier.bury
There are a few options available. Native Rhino has a Walkabout mode, but I wouldn’t spend as much as 5 seconds on that - it sucks!
Inside Rhino my best bet would be the Stork plugin - works really well and looks great.
Otherwise there are lots of external options: Twinmotion, Enscape, Lumion and probably others I don’t know of. And of course there’s also Unreal Engine and Unity for the more advanced stuff. If you are looking for the quickest route, Twinmotion would be my best bet.
HTH, Jakob
Edit: I forgot to mention Simlab Composer - also a great option.

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Thanks Jakob!

You could also try the walkabout command: WalkAbout | Rhino 3-D modeling

Thanks Scott, i tried it but it’s like an old adventure game vs a smooth FPS… But it works!

I think you can try this plugin: Walkie - A plugin for Rhinoceros with game-like walk mode and aimpoint zoom depth - YouTube

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