V6 wish: a real walkthrough tool

Apologies if this has already been brought up elsewhere

I could really use a more powerful tool for walking through models. The current implementation of “walkabout” mode simply doesn’t cut it - it’s challenging and inconsistent to use (in addition to being hidden so almost no one knows to use it). It’s very challenging to be “inside” a model and look around, navigate through it, make fine tuned adjustments to one’s position. Sketchup’s implementation of this is pretty darn excellent, and a VERY well-loved feature by architects. It ought to be 100% intuitive to walk forward, back, turn, and look around, using only the mouse.


It has been under discussion for awhile.

Also see RH-15561, RH-12048, RH-7018, RH-2652

There is also the Walkabout toolbar that is not easy to find.

Hi Bob,
I’ve read about the discussion in the bugtracker.
I think Andy had the right idea.
A walkabout that works like a “shoot-game” (Quake, Call of Duty etc.) would be good.
Let’s say that the mouse turn the camera 360°, Arrow Keys (or WASD Keys) move the camera forward backward left right and the mouse weel move the camera up and down Z axis.
The walkabout mode could be activated with a shortcut or a double click on a widget so users won’t have to change the way they are working at the moment (talking about the CTRL Alt + MB).

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Can we have real guns as well…? :smile:



:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Could be… Christmas is near… :wink:

Last week @andy tasked me with writing a new tool to do good navigation.

I’m toying with the idea of adding two game-style navigation modes. One for walking around and one for flying around in a scene.

I’ll start with walk mode. For the walking the basic walking (“WASD / arrow keys” + mouse look) is the target. Shift-modifier for speed increase. Guns, dunno about those.

I like rocket launcher better (rocket jumps to get on top of high buildings, anyone? :wink: )

I’m thinking that portals would be a great way for navigation in large scenes (named views essentially), so that’s what I have on my personal list of features for this.

I’m working my way through some internal code to ensure I can do the things I need to get a smooth navigation implemented. I’ll keep you guys posted.



Or we can use chainsaw to pass through buildings… :wink: :slight_smile:

This just kicked my butt into hacking on my walking script again and I just managed to hook up the “walk while mouse down” feature.

I’ll have to rewrite it a bit so the “esc” feature works in plugin mode too, then I’ll compile it for you to try.

In Rhino 5 the 3D connexion space navigator works very well for that job.

Yes the space naviagtor is quite nice, except that it doesn’t stay at a fixed eye height and it can walk straight through walls and mess up the focus point.

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I think a feature like this could only be so good - as Andrew’s suggested it should at least be as good as SketchUp - but all of this runs into a more fundamental issue of Rhino not having a physics engine with collision objects to prevent passing through walls and gravity to keep your feet on the ground. For this level of control I recommend moving the model into a game engine like Unity

See http://vimeo.com/110105799


Ha fair enough! So could you pull some Kangaroo code into Rhino proper for the purposes of something like maintaining eye level navigation and adding collision properties per layer in a model walkthrough? That would be kind of amazing.

Very impressive video. A Rhino constraints/solver facility like the one shown would be fantastic for me.

The latter parts of that video - NURBS or meshes?

That looks great, now hire him and put it into Rhino 6 asap so autodesk don’t buy him up!

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Daniel already works for McNeel…



Well then, chain him to the wall and lock all the doors :wink: That little video showcases so many of the things I’d like to see in Rhino.


this video is mind-blower.

I want a collision detecting walk-through too but now I want a lot more stuff !

I’m not sure what I just watched - is that Rhino, Solidworks and T-Splines all bundled together in one tidy package? And I can have that when?

What you’re seeing is actually running inside of Grasshopper (IIRC). I’m (we’re) hoping it will somehow also make its way into the normal Rhino interface in one form or another…

And I guess you can have it… when it’s ready. When will that be…?

“Soon…” :smile: